Ultimate Corporate Gift Guide For 2022

Ultimate Corporate Gift Guide For 2022

Need corporate gifts but no time to shop? We can help!

The holidays present the perfect opportunity to show clients and employees appreciation by gifting them useful and high-quality gifts. We’ve curated the perfect gift guide based on hot items we’ve seen grow in popularity this season. Scroll our guide below and view the link at the bottom of this article for more information on these fully customizable products.



Digital Photo Frame

This unique way to display photos is timeless and versatile. Whether displayed on a desk or as home décor, a digital photo frame makes a great all-around gift idea. It also comes with handy alarm clock and calendar bonus features.

Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers have gained popularity over the past few years for convenience in the office, at home or while traveling. They can be found in a variety of styles such as a wireless speaker and charger in 1, charging stations, portable and magnetic. Recently they have been created with more sustainable materials, such as the bamboo option featured in the presentation below.

Wireless Headphones or Ear Buds

Wireless headphones and ear buds are perfect for music lovers, podcast listeners or the average work-at home professional aiming to get a crisp sound for virtual meetings. The JBL headphones in the link below are known for their sound quality, charge life, adaptability and convenience of Bluetooth technology.


Insulated Cup

Both fashionable and efficient tote bags are perfect for trips to the office, gym or travel. Branded with a company logo they make a great gift that doubles as a brand exposure tool.

Tote Bag

Both fashionable and efficient tote bags are perfect for trips to the office, gym or travel. Branded with a company logo they make a great gift that doubles as a brand exposure tool.

Garment Duffle Bag

Employees who travel for work will enjoy this 2 in 1 bag. It serves as both a garment and duffle bag in one. Spacious enough to store items for an overnight bag and small enough to meet carry-on requirements for airline travel, this bag will make your employee trips a breeze!

Wearable Blanket

Winter evenings by the fireplace or cool nights on the deck enjoying company will be the perfect setting to enjoy the plush coziness of a wearable blanket. Consider embroidering a company logo on the pocket.

Throw Blankets

Blankets make excellent gifts and are universally enjoyed by all. They come in a variety of materials, thickness, and styles. Great for sports games spectators, couch accents, and extra warmth on chilly occasions. We have added 2 options in our presentation below, microfleece and micro-chenille polyester.



Electric Wine Set

Wine lovers will adore this 6 in 1 wine set. It comes with an electric corkscrew wine opener, wine aerator pourer, seal cutter, vacuum stoppers and a base for storage.

Lunch Cooler

Gone are the days of generic, plastic lunch coolers. This modern and elegant version is very spacious lending it to additional uses such as a toiletry bag or picnic bag.

Backpack Cooler

Made with recycled water bottles, this sustainable backpack cooler makes storing and transporting drinks much easier and stylish!

Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are elegant and a great gift for any person who enjoys hosting or creating. This board is made with eco-friendly bamboo and is naturally heat and bacteria resistant!

You can view all of the above options in our custom presentation here. To search for more items on our promo store, browse here or feel free to reach out to us and we can shop for you!

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