The Ultimate Guide to Employee Merch

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Merch

When most businesses think merchandise, their ideas and goals are consumer oriented. While branded merchandise serves your company a multitude of benefits (boosting exposure, brand awareness, customer loyalty, etc.) there are many benefits to gifting internally as well. By giving your employees branded goods, you can…

  • Create a sense of unity/belonging
  • Build company loyalty
  • Boost morale and motivation
  • Reward employees or express appreciation

When it comes to brainstorming ideas for gifts, you may find yourself stuck. There are thousands of frequent promotional items that companies hand out day to day – but what do your own employees want themselves? Here is a guide to choosing meaningful merchandise for your workers. The good news is that often merchandise is not as costly as you think – there are quality items for every budget. Follow this guide we constructed, with links to each item, to get an idea of what your employees may like to be gifted!


Company apparel is great gift for your employees. Whether working virtually or in-person- everyone appreciates comfortable garments to throw on after work (or during for those remote). Below are a few examples of warmer apparel items that are great for the upcoming cold seasons, and are extremely popular among both women and men!


  • Blanket

    Blankets are a symbol of warmth and trust. Whether used for comfort or a picnic, your employees will cherish another one added to their collection!

  • Candle

    Beyond scent, candles add relaxed ambiance to any space or office setting.

  • Tumbler/Coffee mug

    Did you know the rise of working remotely has led to an increase in coffee consumption? Whether they are traveling to your office, or working from a space in their own home, your employee will appreciate a customized cup for their first, or third cup of the day. *Include your own branded coffee bean as well!

  • Bluelight glasses (reading or no magnification)

    If your employees are staring at screens all day, they will value a pair of blue light glasses. Blue light blocking glasses are known to reduce eyestrain, eye damage, and improve the quality of sleep.*Available with or without magnification (reading glasses)

  • Lint roller

    An easy tool, yet a necessity in most people’s daily routine. While your employees love their pets, chances are they are not looking to bring traces of them around. This simple gift will get some good use!

On The Go

  • Reusable tote bag

    The world is going greener, and so are your employees. The average family uses 4 grocery bags weekly, totaling 208 per year. By giving your staff a reusable tote, you are not only giving your workers a thoughtful gift but lowering the number of plastic bags that end up in our oceans and landfills (one trillion yearly). They are also great for transporting personal belongings!

  • Laptop/tablet sleeve

    Transporting laptops/tablets requires care and support. A laptop bag will give your employees’ devices that extra protection needed.

  • Lunch box/cooler bag

    These insulated bags are great for heading to the office or the park!

  • Lunch box set

    If your employees will be packing lunch, help them out by giving them a compact container to throw their leftovers in. These sets even include utensils, making for the perfect grab and go set up.

  • Portable charger

    There is nothing worse than traveling and realizing that your phone has low battery. Portable chargers are a great asset to anyone’s life.

Office/Work Life

  • Desk organizer

    The home and office can get cluttered during day to day tasks. Help your employees stay organized with a branded desk organizer.

  • Desk materials (pens, sticky notes, etc.)

    In giving your employees desk materials, you are setting them up for productivity and success. These supplies are great to keep your employees stocked up with, or used in new hire kits. Desk supplies are a thoughtful, yet useful gift.


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