Branded Merchandise Ideas for Outdoor Events

Branded Merchandise Ideas for Outdoor Events

The summer months are approaching, and outdoor events and activities are popping up nation-wide. As in-person events begin again and people are more active outside, there will be ample opportunities for businesses to use branded merchandise in their marketing efforts for both employees and customers.


Companies participating as a sponsor for an event have a great opportunity for boosting exposure and brand awareness to thousands of people. The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) 2019 Survey reports that “Data shows the average household in the U.S. owns 30 promotional items.” Sports, festivals, music performances and community activities are popular events to sponsor. Many sponsorship packages include an exhibitor booth or other avenues to distribute merchandise to spectators. For the summer months, items such as baseball caps, rally towels, water bottles, sunscreen, beach balls, wearable speaker, drawstring bags, mini-fans, pens and sunglasses are great options that are both functionable and fun!

Exhibitor Booths

Outdoor events often have exhibitor booths available and are designed for companies to sell and promote their product or service. Branded merchandise is an effective way to boost traffic and sales leads. Create a merchandise strategy with items complementing your product or service. For example, if a company is selling moving services, incorporating a tape measure, tape dispenser, flashlight or small tool kit are helpful items for people in the market for that service. The goal is to be the popular booth that everyone wants to visit. The more visitors, the more impressions!

Employee Initiatives

The summer season is a perfect time for companies to encourage health initiatives. There are a number of high-quality active apparel items available to brand such as jackets, shirts, pullovers, fleeces and joggers. Wireless earbuds, health monitors, water bottles, beach towels and gym bags are all fun accessory options that also work well in rewarding and motivating. Employees can don the company logo while working out at the gym or running in the park for all to see!

Tips on Choosing Merchandise

  • Select merchandise that reflects your brand or marketing campaign. For example, if your company has a spirited culture, choose merchandise that shows off your humor!
  • Choose colors that complement your company or campaign logo.
  • Coordinate merchandise with the message of your company slogan or tagline.
  • Imprint contact information or social media handles along with your logo.
  • Invest in volume discounts. The more you purchase, the bigger the price discount. Think about current and future opportunities to distribute materials. It is often helpful to have a supply of items on-hand for last minute promotion opportunities.
  • Research current merchandise trends. Tech products such as wireless charging mousepads, power banks, and wireless headphones are popular with current crowds.

Branded merchandise is a cost-effective tool that increases brand awareness, generates sales leads and builds brand loyalty. ASI reports, “The cost per impression (CPI) of promotional products can be as low as 1/10 of one cent – lower than nearly any other advertising medium…” With so many different options available for branding, any business, in any industry will find items that will work great for their company. If you would like assistance in creating a winning merchandise strategy for your company, contact Think3 today or visit our merchandise store today Shop Today!

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