About Us

We are passionate partners to clients who share our belief in the power of marketing to drive business growth. Just as you are, we are selective about whom we partner with, striving to connect with people who hold similar principles and who value processes that generate results. Our only goal is to immerse ourselves in our client partners’ business models, visions and objectives, and provide customized marketing expertise that exceeds the desired results. From business and competitive analysis, through strategic planning, activation and performance measurement, we are committed to providing you with end to end services and partnership.

Our expertise has been developed by years of working with – and for – major corporations as well as small businesses, including start-ups. The T3 point of view is not from the outside in, but from the inside out as many of us have sat in your seat and can truly relate to your needs, pain points and organizational challenges. Plus, that’s how brands are built.

Our lean, flexible business model allows us to craft the right team and solutions to meet your needs at the greatest value to your bottom line. At T3 our people stay curious and passionate, our processes evolve as your needs do and our performance in the end will speak for itself.