B2B | Building Brands from the Inside Out

Our unique experience at Think3 Marketing brings expertise to companies that market to other businesses. The ability to understand the buying needs and decision-making process in a B2B relationship allows T3 to create the right messaging, placement and timing for our clients. T3 offers experience in industrial manufacturing, trucking and bus OEMs, construction and heavy equipment, agriculture, business technology, sustainable energy and professional services. T3 focuses on building our clients’ brands that enable others to conduct their business in an optimized manner and develop go to market strategies via sales forces, dealership networks and partnerships.

B2C | Making Lives a Little Fuller

Consumer marketing is an ever-evolving riddle with a multitude of options, limited attention spans and more ways to browse, influence and purchase than one can imagine. Think3 Marketing brings a team of experienced multi-generational professionals who have worked on some of the most iconic brands to the hottest most innovative startups. T3 can attest to our powerhouse DNA with Ford, General Motors, Mars, Perdue, JBS, Yahoo and AOL Holdings, Notte Fiama, Mercedes Benz, New Holland Tractors, Pinnacle Propane, Ace Therapies, Snickers, M&M’s, Milky Way, Twix, Skittles, Starburst, Pedigree, Crunch Time Apples and professional entertainment including competitive cycling, musicians, Red Lobster restaurants, NASCAR racing, NBA basketball, MLB baseball, NHL hockey, Canadian curling as well as the World Expo.

Local to Global | Redefining Boundaries

Brands span from your backyard to neighborhoods to a massive global footprint. Think3 Marketing works with our client partners to define their audiences and the relevant desired return on their efforts and financial investments. An audience not only needs to be reached and communicated to but the operational excellence of experience and fulfillment requires a marketing partner that can see the big picture and marry the entire spectrum of the go to market strategy whether it be a geo-targeted audience or wider base. T3 brings a science to the art of defining the trajectory for local to global brands.

Community | Giving Back Where It Matters

Our T3 heart is where…our families are, our communities are, are team members are, our partners are, our next generation innovators are and WHERE ARE CLIENTS ARE. Think3 Marketing has taken our professional experience and designed a company that we could never find. A company that not only loves what we do but cherishes those we partner with. T3 invests in the community and gives back to those who have the passion and drive to risk making a difference and contribute to a better tomorrow.

Women Owned | Empowering and Supporting

It is true that Think3 Marketing is a fully women owned organization. However, T3 is built upon the philosophy that whatever you set your mind, passion and determination to is going to be the catalyst for delivering your dreams. Our differences are what make us interesting and the harmonious combination of individuals is the most empowering catalyst for inspiration, creativity, ingenuity and innovation.