Product launch: Landspring

The Scenario

Launching a new product to an audience that isn’t familiar with your company can only be further complicated when the product solves a latent issue that hasn’t been served by any other competitor. Yes, the classic scenario of when a product is created to solve an unknown issue … may we introduce LandSpring.

The T3 Approach

T3 partnered with the commercial team for LandSpring which was composed of two mad scientists and one marketing maven. The team seemed a little unbalanced, so T3 was brought in to take some madness away from the maven. After many years of research trials, university studies and registration applications LandSpring was ready to launch. Armed with research data, proof points and a target market entrenched in their set ways, T3 designed a multi-pronged campaign to raise awareness, promote trial offers and collect lead information. The campaign consisted of association partnerships, event marketing, sales collateral materials, PR, content and whitepaper curation as well as a hyper-focused print and digital media placement.

The Result

LandSpring exceeded year one revenue goals by 30%

Customer advocacy and referrals were attained

Built CRM database from referrals and lead collection